JUST IN: Special Prosecutor to Investigate Prosecutor Mueller’s Leaks

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is set to examine President Donald Trump’s possible connections to Russia.

A lot of people want the president to eliminate Mueller, while different people assert dismissing him would be a mistake because if Donald Trump has nothing to hide, it wouldn’t look good.

Dick Morris, a Republican for only the last several years, has something to say to Trump. He says 45 should employ a special prosecutor to examine Special Prosecutor Mueller’s leaks.

BizPac Review reported, “I think he should appoint his own special prosecutor,” the ex-pollster and campaign consultant pointed. “Have [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions appoint special prosecutor to investigate Special Prosecutor’s Robert Mueller‘s leaks. He can have Sessions appoint anybody he wants.”

“Thank goodness it would,” Morris replied when asked by the Daily Caller if Washington would go “ballistic.”

“Those leaks are illegal. Almost every day there is a leak from Mueller’s office, which is illegal,” Morris added. “That investigation should include Comey’s leaking conversations with the President and the conversation between [former Attorney General] Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac.”

Morris worked as an advisor to then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton. Afterwards he moved on to the White House when Clinton was elected president.

During Clintons 1996 re-election bid, Dick served as his campaign manager, but was canned two months before the general because he allowed a prostitute to listen in on a private call.

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Source: https://www.rednewshere.com