Just In: Sebastian Gorka Is Going To Return

Sebastian Gorka announced that he will be getting back to Breitbart News, after the example of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, just a day after he left President Donald Trump’s administration, according to a report.

“I will be working with you, with Steve, with the Breitbart crew,” Gorka stated on Saturday during an interview with Breitbart editor Matt Boyle on SiriusXM.

On Friday, Gorka departed his position as President Trump’s national security adviser, alleging he resigned. The White House shortly smashed his allegatios, confirming that he no longer worked at the White House but saying did not quit.

The ex-national security staffer told the Washington Examiner evening that he did however resign from the White House.

Gorka stated someone in the White House “wished to spin” the story by contradicting his resignation.

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Text source: https://www.rednewshere.com

Image source: http://www.businessinsider.com