JUST IN: O’Reilly And Hannity Going To New Network Together – Here’s Where They’ll Be Working

Fox News’ choice to dismiss the most legendary conservative host, Bill O’Reilly, shocked millions of viewers.

The chaos over at Fox has cost numerous people their jobs and fittings like O’Reilly, Greta and Megyn Kelly. Nevertheless, the biggest reallocation might not be ended yet, as tons of people appear to believe that Hannity could be on his way out very soon.

If that takes place, there is a gossip circling around that Hannity might be gathering with Bill O’Reilly in a new interesting way. Millions of conservatives are looking forward to see this.

NBC News’ contributor, Gabriel Sherman, said this morning that “Bill O’Reilly has talked Hannity about teaming up to go to Sinclair Broadcasting, sources say.”

Red State has more on the story:

“Sinclair has been positioning itself to be the next big thing in conservative broadcasting, so as Sherman explains, grabbing both O’Reilly and Hannity would bring ready-made audiences to the network and would give them an instant boost to work with.”

This is exactly what all of the conservatives would be willing to see. This is something that fans and viewers of both news hosts would like and it gives conservatives a new channel to watch.

If Fox News keeps on with their leftist leanings, they might lose absolutely everything. They have been losing to MSNBC on some demos and that never happened previously.

Text source: https://www.rednewshere.com

Image source: http://us.blastingnews.com