Just In: George Bush Gives Massive Announcement On Houston!

There has been a lot going on since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas a few days ago. Groups are responding with aide that aims the help those in need. We need more, however, as there are simply too many people in trouble. But now we might have an unexpected hero coming to the rescue. Former President George W. Bush has come out with a very refreshing announcement.

Hopefully this will cause more and more people to donate to this cause. We need as much money as possible coming in so that we can start to combat the things that are going on right now. Families have since lost everything because of this hurricane.

It is about time that we come together as a nation and respect the people that we call neighbors. We have been seeing that a lot recently and it is a much needed change. The Bush family has been doing a lot to help this country.

President Trump has done a good job responding to this disaster. Liberals have been attacking him for not doing enough to help, but that is a weak attempt to make him look bad and nothing more. He and his family have been wishing the people of Texas nothing but the best.

George Bush lives in Texas and does stuff for the state all of the time. This hits home with him and his family as they are fighting for their fellow Texans. This storm will not win and the good in peoples’ hearts will always come out ahead. It is important to remember in a time like this that we are all people.

Nobody deserves to be left behind in this disaster and hopefully this announcement by the Bush family will do more to open peoples’ eyes to what is really going on here. The storm, once thought to be pretty weak, showed up much stronger than expected and took a lot of people by surprise. It is very sad to see our fellow Americans fight with this kind of disaster. They need all of us to prayer for them.

Text source: https://worldpoliticus.com

Image source: http://www.history.com