Judiciary Committee Turns On Loretta Lynch – It’s Game Over!

We have been finding out a lot about how the government was run under former President Barack Obama and his administration. There were things regarding the administration that looked fishy from the top and so, when investigators took a closer look, unraveled a string of criminal misdoings and mistakes that could ultimately, hurt the nation and its citizens. Now, we do not need to lose out heads yet. There are still many things to be dug up before we can get a full grasp on just how far this goes up or down the chain on command. However, one thing is rather certain. Based on the testimony that former FBI Director James Comey gave, Loretta Lynch broke the law in more ways than one.

Even James Comey himself who, until recently, has been a bit of a liberal sympathizer admittted that what Lynch did made him feel very uneasy. While talking about the Hillary Clinton email situation, Comey revealed that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to call the investigation a matter. Now just why would she do that? Lynch was in the process of trying to cover up for her friend and boss. This is what we see every day from the liberal elites in this country.

Eventually people began asking more and more questions, though, and now we are seeing the investigations take place that need to be taking place. The Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Lynch explaining her options on this case.

Something needs to happen here because we will not see President Trump waiting much longer to get to the bottom of this whole thing. The committee explained in detail throughout the letter that Lynch needed to release her side of the story or face the consequences. From the time Comey gave his testimony until now, it has been a touchy subject at best. Liberals, backed by Barack Obama, swear that Lynch only did this as a percussion rather than trying to deliberately obstruct justice. Conservatives on the other hand have taken a much stronger stance against the allegations.

Text source: https://world-politicus.com

Image source: http://www.zerohedge.com