Jeff Sessions Demands Investigation Into Obama’s $6 Billion Secret – He Just Broke It Open…

Jeff Sessions has been having a bit of a rough month. There have been many reports that the relationship between he and President Donald Trump has been deteriorating in recent weeks. This comes because of Sessions weak stance on a few of the issues Trump feels quite passionate about.

One of the things that Sessions did to anger Trump was his decision to recuse himself of the Russia investigation. President Trump trusted Sessions to be on his side during this investigation and now it has turned into a total witch hunt.

But Sessions has announced an investigation that should brighten Trump’s spirits at least a little bit. Trump has had to leave the White House because of some renovations that are currently happening at the White House. But he made clear that this was not only a vacation. He is still working hard to make this country great again.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions starting investigating a $6 billion in legal settlement that the Obama administration moved to progressive causes and friends in left-wing advocacy groups. This has been a problem for the Obama administration for the whole time they were in office.

It is obvious that these people were into some very bad things while in the White House. The Obama administration wasted billions of dollars in taxpayer money in order to push their own liberal agenda and people are starting to find out. This Sessions investigation should get to the bottom of at least some of the criminal activity.

But this investigation is uncovering some of the things that the Obama administration did to make sure liberals would stay in power. They did things like give extra credit to banks if they donated to liberal causes.

“Settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people — not to . . . the political friends of whoever is in power,” Sessions said. But that is not what happened. Not at all. The Obama administration was not there to help the American people. They were there for political gain and nothing else.

Liberals are slowly learning what a fraud this man is.

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