Jay Leno Risks His Career To Expose Truth About Trump!

President Donald Trump is unfairly treated only because the mainstream media supports Hillary Clinton. Liberal networks stood for the idea of having Clinton in the White House. They were confident about her victory, and nobody thought that the Democratic candidate would lose. Liberals seem to forget that American people would never elect a corrupted criminal. Jay Leno decided to speak up, and he knew how to put things together.

The President has long warned about the game liberals play against him. He was involved in an avalanche of fake news, and this was nothing but a vain attempt to take him down. Luckily, President Trump enjoys the support of decent Americans, and Leno is proud to stand for our leader.

Leno has witnessed the attacks against President Trump, and he couldn’t remain silent. The anti-Trump resistance is the worst thing America has ever seen. Those people would never support our President, and they use every opportunity to blast the President.

The comedian said that the criticism against President Trump has got to stop. Leno went on saying that is he was still hosting a show, liberals would never get a chance to mock the President. “I enjoy bringing people together. If [mocking the president] is a constant thing on a nightly basis, eventually you’re all doing the same joke,” Leno added.

He said that comedians are only “recycling” the same old joke. Being a comedian means thinking of new ways to amuse people. Trashing the sitting President of the United States isn’t the best idea to become popular.

The world of comedy is slowly turning into a massive hole of “political experts.” Let’s just say that politicians should do politics, and comedians should tell jokes. No switching positions or bashing politicians.

President Trump is one of the best presidents in US history. He promised to make America great again, and the people trust him. Americans made a smart choice, and the new leader is already keeping his campaign promises.

What do you think about the comments Jay Leno made? Do you agree with him? Will liberal reporters stop bashing the President, his family and the new administration?

Source: https://worldpoliticus.com