Jay Leno Risked His Entire Career by Exposing President Trump

We all know what is going on between the liberals and the President. The drama is unstoppable because the liberals are doing anything possible to take him and his family down. But, guess who took a step forward in order to defend the President? Jay Leno. Mr. Leno came out of shadows, risked his whole career and commented something that could be a lesson for the liberals.

via We The Proud Patriots 

Jay Leno is tired of the liberal nonsense. He can’t stand the anti-Trump resistance, and let’s be honest, liberals have already crossed the red line.

Leno says that the Trump bashing should be brought to an end. He said that if he was still a late night host, liberals won’t have that many opportunities to mock the President. In a recent interview, Jay Leno said that if he were still a late night host, there would be less Trump bashing. “I enjoy bringing people together. If [mocking the president] is a constant thing on a nightly basis, eventually you’re all doing the same joke,” Leno said.

According to the former late night hosts, comedians are “recycling” the same joke over and over again. We can’t do anything but agree with him. Most hosts are just trying to gain more popularity. They don’t know that criticizing the President isn’t the right way to do things.

Liberal reporters are only interested in generating propaganda. The fun times are gone, and comedians consider themselves experts in politics.

We know that politicians are comedians’ favorite topic, but things have gone too far this time. President Trump is treated like no other president before. His family doesn’t deserve such treatments, and we can only hope that liberals learn their lesson.

President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to save this country, and help people who live in it. He made some great campaign promises, and we can see him working on it. Unfortunately, liberals will never approve his plans. President Trump is the best president America has ever seen.

Trump for so long is proving how he is the real man to lead this nation. These anti- Trump attacks need to end. President Trump and his family deserve respect more than anything.

Source: https://borntoberight.com