Japan Sends Warships With ‘Surprise’ For US Fleet, Media Stunned

Tensions are increasing in the South China Sea, as forces on all sides prepare for an inevitable conflict. The time has come for us to find out who our allies truly are!

Japanese destroyers are planning to rendezvous with the USS Carl Vinson and other American naval vessels on their way to the Korean Peninsula signalling that Japan completely supports us in our effort to remove the despotic Kim Jong-un.

There are no plans to engage with North Korea militarily, but the increased presence of warships surrounding their country is intended to dissuade North Korea from future nuclear or ballistic missile testing.

President Trump is still expecting China to take the lead in eliminating the issue of North Korea.

President Trump released two tweets over the last two days reminding the Chinese president of the meeting they had last week. Trump told the public that any trade deals between the US and China will be more favorable for China if North Korea is dealt with.

On their end, China has asked businesses to leave North Korea while 150,000 Chinese forces were positioned along the North Korean border.

China is the only major ally of North Korea, and their cooperation with the United States forces North Korea into even greater isolation.

If China ultimately refuses to act than American forces, Japanese and South Korean support are prepared to take over and eliminate North Korean nuclear testing facilities at a minimum.

The USS Carl Vinson is a nuclear-powered super-carrier that can carry almost 100 battle-ready aircraft. Just last month, the navies of the three allied countries engaged in military exercises planning a mock invasion of Korea in an effort to improve cooperation.

North Korea has been an international sticking point since at least 2006 when they tested nuclear weapons for the first time. In the subsequent years, the despotic nation has been holding its neighbors Japan and South Korea, hostage with the threat of nuclear and ballistic missile bombardment.

Luckily, President Trump is actually willing to make a stand on the international stage in an attempt to protect some of our closest allies.

Ideally, China will take responsibility for their close ally, but America and our Asian friends are prepared to stand up for what is right.

Source: http://dailyeb.com