Japan Sends Surprise To US Fleet In Massive Show of Support For President Trump Japan

Japan just sent a strong message to the rest of the world. That despite the liberal media’s attempts to sow chaos all is well and good, and they support President Trump and America.

And are ready to take action to prove it.

Allies are important as President Trump knows and if you listen to the media all you will hear is that Trump makes our allies nervous.

Not true, Trump has a great relationships around the world. And after North Korea threatened to attack Guam, Japan proved their loyalty.

Japan’s new defense minister came out today and said that he stands with Trump and added a special surprise for our Pacific Fleet that is in harm’s way should any missiles fly.

He said that his country’s military could shoot down the missiles before they reach Guam.

Japan said that they will activate its Aegis destroyer missile defense system, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told the National Diet, Japan’s parliament in response North Korea’s threat.

According to Reuters, a spokesman for the Korean People’s Army (KPA) threatened,

“The KPA Strategic Force is now carefully examining the operational plan for making an enveloping fire at the areas around Guam with medium-to-long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 in order to contain the U.S. major military bases on Guam including the Anderson Air Force Base.”

Japan responded by reminding the world that any attack against Guam is a threat and attack against Japan and cited Japan’s mutual defense agreement with America as just one of the reasons they will stand with America.

Japan sits about 620 miles to the east of North Korea and they have been watching the growing threat seriously.

Most of the missiles North Korea tests land in the Sea of Japan which as they say is too close for comfort.

Sadly, Obama and Bush and the rest of the establishment sat on their hands and did nothing so now Trump has to clean up the mess.

It is a national disgrace what they have allowed to happen. Guam lies about 1,600 miles south of Japan and opting to include that island under its missile defense protection is a welcome change.

Japan had previously said they would only shoot down North Korean missiles if they were aimed at Japan.

But with this new defense policy the civilian government will officially allow Japan’s military to defend U.S. territories and other their allies in region in the event of  North Korean missile attack.

Source: https://www.worldnewspolitics.com