Ivanka Trump Picks The Most Beautiful Spot For Her Family Vacation, Look Where She Is!

Ivanka Trump has been a very big part of Trump’s administration ever since he was elected into office. She has been trying to stick by his side, no matter how hard that may be considering all of the hate from the left. She has shown class and dignity all while keeping her cool in the face of utter hate from the liberals that are trying to destroy her.

She has deserved a break and that is exactly what she is currently doing. She has been on vacation for the past few days in Bedminster, New Jersey with her family. She is joined by her husband Jared Kushner and her children. She has been needing a break like this for awhile now.

Ivanka has having an amazing time over there in New Jersey. She is on a 17 day vacation away from her hectic DC life. Her father, President Donald Trump, however, is not on vacation and has made it clear that he is just working remotely. This until the renovations at the White House are complete.

Her children joined her on the golf course and it looks like they are enjoying themselves quite nicely. This is amazing to see the Trump family finally get away from all of the hate they have to put up with. It seems like every single day there is a new story about how they are trying to destroy the country single handedly.

But that is not the case and until the liberals try to work with him to fix the country, nothing will ever be done. This vacation serves as a nice break from all that has been surrounding them recently.

No matter how many trips the Trumps take they will never spend as much on vacations as the Obamas. Taxpayers definitely felt the brunt of the cost for the Obama trips. President Trump is staying at his own property, so that should cost much less.

Ivanka and company have been doing amazing things for the country and will continue to do so. It is heartbreaking to see the way she is treated.

Text source: https://worldpoliticus.com

Image source: https://ivankatrump.com/