Ivanka Just Made Heartbreaking Announcement About Her and Her Husband

Things don’t go too well for the President’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner. The couple has been dealing with many problems since the very first moment President Trump was nominated. The entire campaign was followed by scandals, and we thought that the mainstream media would leave them be after Inauguration Day. But, things got even worse.

Liberals were first furious about Ivanka’s role in the new administration. They called this a pure act of nepotism, but they seem to forget that Ivanka won’t be paid for her services.

Although Ivanka and her husband are doing their best to help President Trump make America great again, the mainstream media caused another problem in the row.

Now the couple will have to make a decision every six months regarding their stay in the capital. They didn’t make a long-term commitment to the White House, and the information was confirmed by Jared. He has already informed his friends about the decision they made, and we were really surprise do hear this.

There is a possibility that Ivanka and Jared go back to their private live in Manhattan. How do we know this? The couple is renting the mansion they live in at the moment. What will liberals say now?

But, it’s clear that Jared won’t leave the White House now. He will be focusing on his office of American Innovation, and the couple came back from their official overseas tour earlier.

Jared seems to be “unhappy” for being unable to accomplish everything he planned. And let’s not forget that liberals tried to connect him with the Russians. Oh, this was a huge scandal, and everyone talked about it.

What do you think about the possibility that Jared and Ivanka return to Manhattan? Do you think President Trump is considering to protect them in order to prevent any greater scandal?

Source: https://www.conservativefolks.com/