Huston Bakers Just Made An Incredible Move To Help Hungry Storm Victims

Bunch of Houston bakery employees remained at work for no less than two days because of flood waters in their region and spent their time very thoughtfully by baking hundreds of loaves of pan dulce bread in order to lessen the hunger of additional victims, a report reveals.

The one who owns the place and employees of El Bolillo Bakery in Houston posted an alert on Facebook in order to put customers on notice that the shop is out of work because of the unprecedented storm for the region. However, the post additionally mentioned that they haven’t been lazy.

The one who owns El Bolillo said ti friends that the bakery is “closed until further notice, but our bakers cooked all night long and we will be prepared to help as soon as we can with bread.”

The bakers were evidently “stuck inside for two days,” however wanted to do nothing, but eventually decided to help the citizens of Houston.

In a different post, the bakery workers shared an image of the many trays of bread baked for the victims of the hurricane.

Due to the bakery’s good deed, it has received many new fans via the posts dedicated to the donated bread.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you applaud the bakery’s deed?

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