GOP Senator Introducing Bill to Strengthen US Missile Defense

North Korea’s recent actions have shed light on just how vulnerable the United States could be to a missile attack from the rogue nation, and has inspired defense officials and politicians alike to take action to rectify that.

Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan plans to introduce legislation soon that would authorize the military to deploy “dozens” more missile interceptors to counter any threat that could be posed by North Korea, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

Sullivan’s bill would likewise expedite the process of developing and testing new missile interceptor systems. Under the bill, 28 new “ground-based missile interceptors in Alaska and California,” would be approved. This would almost double what is currently there.

On top of all of that, the bill would likewise approve the building of a layer of “space-based missile sensors” to provide even better warning in the event of a missile launch.

“It’s become very clear that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ anymore, but ‘when’ North Korea is going to have the capability to reach not just Alaska and Hawaii, but the Lower 48 states with a nuclear capable ICBM,” Sullivan said in a Free Beacon interview.

It has become clear in recent weeks that Kim Jong Un is determined to develop a ballistic missile that could strike the United States’ mainland, and nothing we say is going to stop him.

The only way to effectively protect Americans, short of toppling the North Korean regime, is to ensure that we have an advanced missile defense system in place that will stop anything North Korea fires at us from ever reaching the mainland.

“If we know that train is approaching, we need to start working on this right now so that when the day comes and the headlines are screaming ‘This unstable dictator has the ability to take out Chicago!’ we can say we saw this coming and we have the capability to shoot these missiles down and retaliate on a massive scale,” Sullivan told the Free Beacon.

Trump has vowed to do whatever is important to stop the North Korean dictator from acquiring weapons that could pose a grave threat to the United States.

Hopefully, Trump will back this legislation to ensure that America is safe for years to come.