After Getting Caught Spying On Trump, Susan Rice Just Got The Worst News Of Her Life!

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice is now tied to the “unmasking” scandal that rocked this country for the past week. The House Intelligence Committee has now officially gotten Susan Rice to testify.

Obviously, Susan Rice is going to be brought before the House Intelligence Committee to testify – supposedly under oath.

According to the WSJ, Rice is on a list of witnesses that were drawn up as part of the probe into the scandal. House Republicans and Democrats both agreed on the list of 30 witnesses.

Here’s what Rand Paul stated:

Earlier on Tuesday, Rice said that she didn’t utilize the info on Trump’s associates for political reasons. She says that she didn’t leak anything about Mike Flynn.

Here is the woman herself saying that she “didn’t leak nothing to nobody”:

The next questions is who did the leaking. Susan Rice is going to have to respond for the unmasking scandal. Trump is going take all of these people down. Just you wait.