Forensic Investigators On 2 Continents Confirm, Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A FORGERY

The information about Obama’s birth certificate wasn’t fake, although some liberals tried to make us believe that President Donald Trump is just trying to make Obama look bad in people’s eyes. The truth is, Obama used a fake document, and this could change everything about his presidency.

This news was ignored for too long, and we can’t keep quiet now that we know everything. This is a major scandal, and we can only imagine the further development of events. What will Obama come up with now?

Liberals wanted us to believe that this claim is fake, but there is a strong proof suggesting that Obama did something terrible. The fun fact is that this forgery made him a president. But, the sad fact is that he may end up in jail.

This video reveals the truth about Obama and his birth certificate, so make sure you watch it carefully.

Investigator Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio dig up something interesting. Well, we believe that Obama won’t consider it interesting for too long.

“We don’t know if he is a natural born citizen or not,” said Zullo, adding that the document is nothing but an elaborate forgery. Oh, this is bigger than we ever thought.

Both American and Italian investigators had the same opinion regarding the authenticity of this document. They used forensic techniques to reveal more about the origin of the document.

Zullo added that Hawaii officials didn’t want to cooperate, and he even faced serious threats. The investigator was threatened with arrest, and we already know who was the most concerned about this.

Sheriff Arpaio said that his team has “more sensitive information,” but didn’t want to talk about it publicly. But, the truth is bitter, and Obama will hate it.