First Muslim Governor About To Take Over – Here’s The Terrifying Changes He Plans To Make Immediately

There has been a lot things going on in the government as of late. It seems like we are seeing a lot of hate from the left towards President Donald Trump and his administration. They have only one goal and that is to get him impeached. But the Democrats don’t have anyone to turn to themselves. The reason they lost the presidential election was because they were unwilling to get a better candidate that Hillary Clinton. She was doomed to fail from the start. But it is begining to look like the Democrats have chosen their savior and he is scarier than Clinton and Obama. He is a Muslim man named Dr. Abdul el-Sayed.

We all know that Muslims are trying to take over the United States from the inside out. They have been trying to instate their laws and it is not going to fly under President Trump we are seeing Muslims in Europe literally destroying the entire continent. This is the exact reason President Trump wants to protect Americans from this kind of madness. El-Sayed is backed by the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood and has ties to former President Barack Obama.

This would be a very dangerous man to have in office of any kind. We have seen first hand what Muslims can do to the United States just by looking at what is going on in Michigan. And what do you know, that is where he is trying to become governor. It looks like he could have a pretty good chance to win, too.

He is a Trump hater that has a knack for giving handouts to refugees and would be a very bad thing for the United States. Liberals want to turn this man into their next Obama. He talks without an accent which helps him to gain votes. Something needs to be done in order to ensure this man will not win.

Democrats think that this man will be their savior. We need to show them that conservatives are having none of it.

What do you think about this Muslim trying to gain office?

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