Ex FBI Asst. Director Calls For Hillary To Be Shot By Firing Squad!

Ex FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom is not playing games for sure. He is aware of the harsh reality surrounding Hillary Clinton and the single thing she did that puts everything else to shame. Nobody cares about white collar crimes, however Kallstrom is mentioning something that plenty of Americans might dismiss as irrelevant, which is the single thing Hillary did that warrants death by firing squad.

So basically, Hillary positioned her private unsecured server in her basement at her house and mismanaged classified files, this is the real reason she should come across a firing squad if you ask James K. However, should that be the case? When Hillary placed a home-managed, private server and intentionally used it, emailing the nation’s most classified files, this was a treason in itself. Democrats will always manage to spin things isn’t it?

James K. also mentioned that he thinks that the sole reason she intended to keep off the government servers is to mask her illegal moved. The sole reason the server was spotted was a Benghazi FOIA that took them to the finding of the server in the former Secretary Of State’s basement.

We are all aware that Hillary wanted to hide the servers for one particular reason, and that was because she stated that she didn’t intend her illegal moves to be influenced by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) demands. It should be mentioned that it was precisely FOIA demands into Benghazi by Judicial Watch that took us to the discovery of her private server.

What are your thoughts on this?

Text source: https://www.rednewshere.com

Image source: http://yournewswire.com