Eric Trump Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement About His Unborn Child After Visiting Scotland

Despite all of the attacks pegged against the Trump family and administration, they are still getting good work down. For most it is obvious that the administration wants to work for all Americans. They have been working hard in order to make sure that Americans are safe first and foremost. That is the most important issue to the new administration. But that differs greatly from the previous administration who would do just about anything to get themselves ahead. President Trump has vowed to change that and he has the help to do it. He has many children that all play an important role in the administration. Eric Trump proved that recently with a visit to one of the upcoming Trump golf courses.

Eric Trump and his wife Lara turned head everywhere recently when they made a trip to Scotland to visit a golf course. They were looking amazing during their time there and were treated like royalty.

Eric Trump recently went on Fox News to speak about the liberal media and how they have been unfair to his father and the administration. He went on to explain how even his wife has not been free from the attacks and insults, explaining that he reads hateful comments about her on a daily basis.

Eventually Eric and Lara got on the subject of their soon to be baby and that is when we began seeing some details. Eric explained how he hoped it would be a boy. He went on to say that he hopes one day he would grow up to be a golfer. This is an amazing family.

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