Eric Bolling Lawyer Just Dropped Evidence Bomb That Clears His Name – Accusers Running!

Eric Bolling has been caught in the middle of yet another witch hunt against Fox News. Liberals love to give this network a hard time because of its conservative values. And a lot of the time, they actually succeed in getting something done. Look what they got Fox News to do to their all star host Bill O’Reilly. He was fired even on baseless claims of abuse.

Next it was Sean Hannity and now it is Eric Bolling. Bolling has been accused of sending lewd photographs to several women that he used to work with. None of the accusers came out with any evidence and sadly, it is still being taken seriously. Fox News has made a name for itself as of late as being a easy target.

We are seeing people take advantage of this in many ways. Preying off of their employees is one easy way to get famous and win a lawsuit. But Eric Bolling is not going to do down without a fight. He has stood by his innocence from the beginning and for good reason.

Now his lawyer has come out saying that these claims are totally false and that they will get to the bottom of it before we know it. Fox News has had to deal with a lot as of late and it is about time liberals stop thinking they can say whatever they want about the network.

“The anonymous, uncorroborated claims are untrue and terribly unfair,” Bolling’s lawyer, Michael Bowe, said in a statement. “We intend to fully cooperate with the investigation so that it can be concluded and Eric can return to work as quickly as possible.”

Huffington Post was one of the first the break the story that Bolling send unsolicited photos to female coworkers. They have an obvious bias against Fox News.

First of all, these claims were from a few years ago, so why are they just now coming to light? If it was really that big of a deal to these women, they would have said something instantly. But the biggest problem is the lack of evidence.