THE EARTH IS SHAKING! Bikers Shocked by What Trump Did for Their Memorial Day Ride Today

Thousands of bikers and spectators got together in Washington DC on Sunday to participate in the 30th annual “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle ride from the Pentagon to the Vietnam War Memorial on the National Mall.

The purpose of the ride is to raise awareness for prisoners of war and missing in action service members from the US military conflicts.

The giant military veteran group of riders was accompanied by a tom member of President Donald Trump’s administration, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as reported by Breitbart.

He was wearing a black leather vest, jeans and ball cap, and he fit perfectly with the group of bikers and appeared completely at ease as he shook hands and posed for some pictures while riders were arriving for the start of the event.

While at the event, Diplomatic Security Service members were protecting Tillerson. Two security staffers who were allocated as his protective detail also came on the ride with motorcycles of their own.

As it was reported by the U.K.’s The Guardian, around 900,000 riders and spectators participated in 2017 ride, regardless of the rainy weather.

The group continues to concentrate on forgotten military POW’s and MIA’s, and they also dedicated attention to multiple other concerns for veterans even more.

One member from the Trump administration participating in this year’s Rolling Thunder ride through nation’s capital makes a wonderful statement, as it hints support from the president and those surrounding him for the organization’s work in raising awareness for the various worries regarding military veterans.