Donald Trump Jr. Just stunned Everyone With Chilling Admission About Scalise Shooting

President Trump’s son retweeted a Trump supporter today and started a whole conversation into what happened today to Steve Scalise. The tweet was forwarded from a commentator named Harlan Hill. He appeared on a variety of Fox News platforms. Check out what his brother said below.

The president’s son retweeted the comment and had the worst “This” in it. It echoes exactly what his brother said. Here’s what Eric Trump said the other day and it sounds right on with the context of today.

CBS has reported that this month that President Trump gets six to eight threats per day, as indicated by Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles.

This was a political assassination. We know what this actually is. The leftist media has been trying to dehumanize Trump supporters.

That’s the liberal agenda. We seem to have reached the final stage.

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