Don Jr. Steps In And Shuts Down Michael Moore For Attacking President Trump

US nation has been hit with disaster after disaster as of late and we are finally starting to see what our leader is made of. He has been doing a great job coming back from everything that is going on, regardless of what the liberals or their media might say. After Hurricane Harvey, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump went to see the wreckage twice. While there, they got a chance to meet with many of the victims. They were blown away at the humanity of it all.

But despite this and many other acts of kindness, Trump has not been able to get himself away from the hate that he receives on a far too regular basis. Every day the media starts a new, unfounded attack against him and his administration in an attempt to turn the nation against him. That is what we saw when Michael Moore, a regular critic of the president, tweeted a boldfaced insult against him.

President Trump will ignore this threat, if he even sees it. But this simple tweet is problematic on many different levels. Though it might seem like nothing, it shows that these people are willing to say anything to hurt the president. And the tweet didn’t even make sense. It was simply trying to hurt Trump for no reason.

That is why President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. felt the need to step in and come to the side of his father. Michael Moore posted a tweet attacking Trump for not opening his Mar-A-Lago resort to the victims.

This is a very weak attempt at shaded disrespect and Don Jr. is having none of it. He quickly stood up for his father, explaining the real situation for the liberals that cannot or will not understand.

Until the attacks stop, someone is going to have to stick up for our president. And his son has taken upon himself to do that. President Trump is far too busy to respond to every attack personally. This tweet is a small part of a large attack against his administration and it needs to stop.

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