A day After Trump Returned, Washington is Trembling! 900,000 Bikers are Coming for 1 Shocking Reason


Thousands of motorcyclists from across the nation have flooded Washington, D.C., Sunday for the annual Memorial Day weekend tradition Rolling Thunder.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the demonstration meant “to educate, facilitate, and never forget … service members that were abandoned after the Vietnam War” — a yearly display of patriotism, freedom, and respect for the men and woman who defend our country.

According to some estimates, approximately 900,000 participants and spectators are expected to be involved this year’s event.

Even though this is an astonishing amount of people, if we are honest, the other unappreciative kind are the majority.

With that being said, our country doesn’t appreciate people that complain all the time and aim at making the lives of illegal immigrants easier, while ridiculing the celebration of the heroes who supply us with the most important good for our regular functioning-safety.

We should all make sure that the concept the liberal Democrats are trying to sell regarding President Trump is ignored. Honest and dedicated patriots are aware of the truth about him. He is the man that after a decade made us the strong country we were always at heart.

These amazingly heroic individuals will be remembered and appreciated as long as our country breathes. Let’s show our love for this guardians and their families through SHARING this!

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Source: www.enhlive.com