Congressional Black Caucus Just Received Some Very Bad News, They Are In Trouble!

Racial tensions in the United States have been high ever since the events in Charlottesville took place. Since then, liberals and conservatives have been fighting over what should happen to numerous different problems facing USA. It has likewise opened some eyes to the Congressional Black Caucus, who many probably did not know about before these events took place.

This is the same caucus that has made noise in the past for trying to get African Americans a stipend for slavery. That is right. They wanted black people in today’s America to get paid for something that happened centuries ago. What a time to be alive.

“This country is having a crisis of leadership” said caucus’ chair, Rep. Cedric Richmond during a CBC leadership council. “This president has proven time and time again that he doesn’t have the maturity or the temperament to govern in a common-sense manner.”

But they could soon be getting some very bad news, if conservatives get their way. Attempting to put an end to identity politics, a new White House petition has tried to bring this caucus down once and for all.

In the petition, the writer explains that this caucus only creates racial division that promotes tension. This is definitely truthful and people are finally starting to see what a problem this has turned into.

It goes on to denounce the idea that African Americans need a special congressional caucus to feel included in this nation’s politics. They are well represented across the board and it seems like by now, people would start seeing that.

The petition ends its argument by asserting that the caucus uses language that further divides the races and even promotes racial unity. There is a problem in USA and race is one of them. But it might not be from the areas that you would expect. The Congressional Black Caucus has to go.

They even have a separate image for “black America” that they want President Trump to take a look at. The caucus’ relationship with the president has been rocky at best. Luckily, we might not have to see it much longer.