CNN Threatened Trey Gowdy! Will Trey Respond to This?

You should know two things when it comes to Trey Gowdy. He always speaks the truth and he fires back like no one ever did. The liberals are still after the President, his administration and after the people inside the Congress who support him. One of those people is Trey Gowdy, who is adored by the American nation due to one thing – speaking the truth. This time he was attacked by the Former CIA official and now CNN commentator Phil Mudd.

via Founding Patriot

According to reports, Mudd commented this only after Gowdy asked Brennan if he could provide evidence of collusion between members of President Trump’s staff and the Russians during the presidential campaign. Former CIA chief Brennan said this to Gowdy:

“I don’t do evidence, I do intelligence. What we try to do is to make sure that we provide all relevant information to the bureau if there is an investigation underway that they’re looking into criminal activity.”

Mudd went on to say this about Gowdy’s statement:

“He knows the difference between intelligence and evidence.”

Mudd became deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center in 2003. In 2005, he became the first deputy director of the FBI’s National Security Branch. Since 2010, he has been out of politics.


This man clearly has no dictionary around him. His poor choice of words says much about him. Mudd’s insults speak about what kind of man he is not what kind of man Gowdy or the President is.