CNN Has Just Fired Kathy Griffin!!

It didn’t take even a day for the scandal to settle down, the liberal network CNN made a strict decision. It is officially ending the 10-year-old relationship with Kathy Griffin due to her controversial photo session where she holds a bloody head of President Donald Trump.

Griffin participated in CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage since 2007, when she first appeared as a co-host the celebration with Anderson Cooper.

Griffin originally defended the photo session with celebrity photographer and director Tyler Shields calling it a work of art when the photos were first published on Tuesday.

Shortly after, as the criticism went farer, though she said she was sorry and said she had told the photographer to take down the photo.

“I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong,” she stated.

CNN stated in an earlier statement moments after Griffin published the clip that the network was “pleased” Griffin said was sorry for the “disgusting and offensive” photo.
However, they said they were “evaluating” if Griffin will be called upon to help host the channel’s New Year’s Eve special one more time.

The photo was roundly condemned by people including President Trump and Griffin’s New Year’s Eve co-host, Anderson Cooper.

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