China Just Threatened The Unthinkable To North Korea And It’s All Thanks To Trump

It’s a whole new world we are livin’ in, folks. President Donald Trump did the impossible today when he finally forced China’s hand on North Korea!

It all began with a Tweet Trump sent earlier offering China better trade deals IF they help with North Korea.

China declared they are ready to take out Kim Jong Un!

The Chinese Military released an official statement in the Global Times: “China has a bottom line it will protect at all costs, that is the security and stability of northeast China.”

“If the bottom line is touched, China will employ all means available including the military means to strike back.”

“By that time the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities of its own.”

There is nothing candid about that. Kim Jong Un threatened the US with a nuclear strike and China turned on them.

China has likewise set 150,000 troops on their border near North Korea and stopped buying coal from Pyongyang. Now they are setting up to buy American!

So with Trump sending aircraft carriers and China positioning their army, it looks like North Korea will be gone very soon. This is all thanks to the incredible negotiating work of President Donald Trump.