Cher Just TURNED on The Democrats! Look What She Did for Trump Today

Cher is a longtime Democrat and one of Hillary’s TOP supporters, so what she did today is CRUSHING for the Democratic Party.

Yesterday, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer announced he has the votes in the Senate to BLOCK Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Nomination. This comes after a year of Schumer complaining that Republicans were blocking Obama’s election-year nominee, Merrick Garland. Indeed, CHER JUST TOLD THE DEMOCRATS TO STOP WHINING AND CONFIRM TRUMP’S NOMINEE!

What she Tweeted today is proof of just how ridiculous and childish democrats are acting by refusing to confirm Neil Gorsuch. You know it’s getting bad for the democrats when liberal celebrities begin turning against them!

She hit the nail on the head. Everyone is sick and tired of the democrat’s childish temper tantrums they’ve been throwing since November 8th. Wasn’t it Hillary who stood there during the last debate and said how aghast she was that Trump might not accept the outcome of the election? Well, I have YET to seen ONE democrat accept the outcome of the election. That’s because democrats are the biggest hypocrites on planet Earth.

How can anyone watch this video of Neil Gorsuch and not see that he is a patriotic American who will bring honor to the Supreme Court!

Cher’s tweet just ruined the democrat’s plan to block Gorsuch. Once everyone sees this tweet and realizes that the democrat’s biggest supporters, celebrities, are starting to turn against them, they will lose support, the games will end and Gorsuch WILL be confirmed!