Charlie Daniels Sends Terrifying Warning Republicans – “We Must Protect Trump!”

Republicans have been in power for several months now. Though things have gotten obviously better, there are still many things that we need to work on before this country is back to being great. And someone of great prominence just let them know that. Charlie Daniels has just penned a letter explaining what the problem is. And though some of it may be a little far out, he makes good points.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, Donald Trump is not a member of their club either, and while I’m very well aware that his juvenile name-calling and acerbic tweets do not serve him well sometimes, the main problem the establishment has with Donald Trump is not Russia,” Daniels explains.

He is talking about the career politicians that plague Washington. We see them far too often and it needs to stop. This is why President Trump was such a breath of fresh air. He was not involved in politics before becoming president. Americans could trsut him to do good by them because he does not have a ball in another court. He has no one to please.

“Do you think that Chuck Schumer actually thinks that Trump colluded with Russia, had some secret deal that would benefit him to the detriment of America? I’d be willing to bet my Ram pickup truck against a lug nut that if you hooked Schumer up to a lie detector and asked him that question he’d fail the test.”

Of course he would. This is exactly what the problem is with our government right now. The Democrats are so focus on the Russia collusion that they are blinded by everything else. The media has been trying to use this against Trump for months now and it has finally caught up with them.

We need to do more to get out of the situation at hand. The Russia investigation has gone on for far too long. Hopefully this letter by Daniels can do something to stop it and make conservatives realize what the real problem is.

What do you think of the letter?


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