Burger King With Major Announcement – It’s Practicing Sharia Law

The fast food chain Burger King came forward with a massive announcement that they will only serve 100 percent halal meat at some restaurants, which means it is connected with those who practice Sharia Law. We just hope that this kind of stuff will probably end now that we have Donald Trump as a president, as well as the anti-globalists that are becoming stronger day by day.

The announcement comes from their chains in France, which is the country with highest percentage of arrested jihadists in Europe, and let’s not mention all the terrorist attacks that happened over the last couple of years.

From now on, the French restaurants are not going to serve any bacon or chicken.
Last week, French competition authorities approved Burger King’s takeover of the
405 restaurants of Quick in France.

Le Parisien was told by some sources on Tuesday that the Belgian fast food chain in France is not over.

Obviously, Burger King will have almost 40 restaurants under the brand of Quick, which is almost ten percent of the total in France. In addition, they are completely changing the meat, according to reports.

In other words, all the pork meals and bacon will be removed from their menu, and all the beef and chicken will be certified halal.

The action is accepted to be part of Burger King’s persist tries to take on McDonald’s – the monster of the French fast food world with around 1,300 stores.
Quick has about 20 halal restaurants in France, where all the meat that is used comes from animals slaughtered that are in accordance with Islamic law.

The restaurants are surely winners in the country with an estimated Muslim population of 5 million, which is the biggest in Europe.

It seems like Burger King’s ad about having Whoppers anyway you want is not in accordance with what they just announced.

Text source: http://www.enhlive.com

Image source: http://thepoliticalinsider.com