BREAKING: Smoking Gun FOUND In Huma Emails, Clintons PANIC

Just when you think that everything about Hillary Clinton’s slimy email scandal is out, more information surfaces. Time for the Clintons to hide!

A new batch of emails from Hillary associates on Anthony Weiner’s computer were picked over, and new information was discovered. Clinton, while acting as Secretary of State, was helping out people who supported the Clinton Foundation through donations, per Breitbart.

According to the emails, Huma Abedin — Clinton’s aide and Weiner’s soon-to-be ex-wife — was funneling State Department officials to a Russian cultural group, based on an inquiry from a man who made generous donations to the Clinton Foundation named Eddie Trump (NO RELATION to the president).

The email explicitly told Bill Clinton aide, Doug Band, that they liked to “hook up” people who mentioned Eddie to all the “right people” at our State Department. Eddie was going around suggesting that Rina Kirshner, the Vice President of a Russian-American Foundation, with the right folks.

So let’s backtrack a little bit and get back to this big RUSSIAN scandal. Remember when Hillary blamed the Russians for hacking the election? This information means one of two things.

Hillary likely had ties to the right people to make it “appear” as if a Russian hack occurred in a PATHETIC attempt to steal the presidency back from President Trump. The other option is that she betrayed all of her Russian buddies when push came to shove — as she is known to do.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, one thing is clear: Hillary had direct ties to Russians and these emails PROVE IT.

Let this be a valuable lesson to the Left. Information like this is known as a FACT. We know that most liberals are unfamiliar with the term, but maybe they should start learning.

Now that we know the truth, action needs to be taken against this criminal. It is understandable that the more digging is going to need to be done before Hillary can be arrested and put on trial. HOWEVER, we know that there is enough evidence to arrest her.

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