BREAKING NEWS: Trump Makes HUGE Independence Day Announcement – Liberals Are FURIOUS

Barack Obama was a disgrace to how this country should operate. He did not care about the American people or what problems they might have had. He was only interested in helping himself as much as possible. We saw it time and time again during his reign. Thankfully we finally have a president in Donald Trump that cares deeply about the American people and their problems. He proved this once again when he announced that he would be spending Independence Day with military families from around the country. What a great way to show his support.

Though this comes as a tradition for presidents in years past, President Donald Trump might have something special in store. We all know that he likes to do stuff with a bang. He must have something amazing planned for the families. The family, who has been facing severe criticism from the left, is doing amazing things left and right. Maybe if the liberals just paid a little bit of attention they would see that he is working very hard.

This will be a great way for the family to show their support to the military. Trump cares about every single American in the country and is doing everything he can to ensure their safety. The liberal media has been extremely unfair to the president and his family. They send attacks on a daily basis and that is unacceptable.

We need to begin seeing more support for what he is doing. This picnic just goes to show how much he wants to help make this country great again. He and Melania have been working hard towards a common goal of helping Americans who are faced with hardship. He wants them to know that they are never alone when he is in office. He has even gotten personal on a few occasions and sent letters of phone calls people’s way.

That just shows us how in touch he is with the American people. We cannot say the same about our former president who simply did not care.

Do you agree with what Trump is doing here?

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