Breaking News: Trump Closes “Terrorist Loophole” Flooding The Nation With Illegals Immigrants

President Trump’s is following through on another pledge and this one not even the liberals who oppose everything he does can argue with him.


Because the little known secret about the illegal immigration problem is that the majority don’t cross the southern border.

They arrive here via airplanes with perfectly legal visas but never intend on going home.

This has been the liberal argument against building the wall – that it won’t stop the real flood of illegal immigrants who come here.

They have a point which is why when they try to argue with Trump’s plan to close the “terrorist loophole,” which they will, it will expose them for all to see.

According to the Washington Examiner, new guidance from the State Department based on Trump’s executive order calls for a crackdown on immigrants who overstay their visas and instructs U.S. diplomats overseas to rigorously check all new visa applicants to make sure they are going to go back home after visiting or studying here.

This order comes as the Department of Homeland Security is reporting that there are 739,000 immigrants who have overstayed their worker, student, and other visas.

Jessica M. Vaughan, the director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies said,

“Foreign students have one of the highest rates of overstaying visas of any category – much higher even than tourist visas. It’s one of the favorite visas for terrorists to try to obtain, because it offers a longer duration of stay. Some of the 9/11 terrorists were given student visas.”

She went on explaining, “Too many people enroll in U.S. colleges just to get a foothold in the United States rather than to pursue an education, and for too long the State Department has looked the other way, preferring instead to promote U.S. colleges. The higher education industry also lobbies Congress and the State Department relentlessly for help in attracting foreign students and cries foul when it thinks the law is being enforced too much, because many of these schools view foreign students as a cash cow, and don’t care if they stay over to compete for jobs with U.S. students.”

The new guidance closes the loophole by finally cracking down on those here while mandating applicants prove to U.S. visa officials that they will return home after their visa expires.

Vaughan applauded the move adding,

“For years, consular officers have been instructed to review foreign student applications with a wink and a nod even when it is obvious that the student never intends to go home.”