BREAKING NEWS: Trey Gowdy Makes MAJOR Announcement – Look Who He’s Targeting Now…

Trey Gowdy assured everyone that he will help justice find its way out. Our country has been stuck in the middle of nowhere, and President Donald Trump came at the right time to solve the problem. Former president Barack Obama took care that he leaves the country in a complete mess. President Donald Trump promised to make America great again, but his political opponents blocked every step he made so far. But, Gowdy is here to give him a hand.

Americans know that Gowdy is probably the only person to help President Trump do things right. There are too many problems he should handle at the moment, but the investigation into Russia’s meddling is his priority.

Last year, Gowdy gave his best to hunt Hillary Clinton down. He is still going after her, but Hillary hides behind despair and those very few Democrats friends she managed to keep.

Hillary didn’t have any real chances of winning the 2016 presidential elections, and Democrats still can’t get over her loss. They’ve been plotting since election night, and we can see how far has their game gone. Democrats can’t stand the idea of having Donald Trump in the Oval Office, and they had to come up with something as awful as the Russian interference to get him impeached.

Their vicious plan won’t work, that’s a sure bet, but Democrats keep saying that President Trump actually used the help of Russia to win the elections. This is absolutely awkward, because the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his government never interfered with the presidential elections in Russia. We already knew that, but Democrats are determined to win this battle.

Grassley said that Comey should have never mentioned the investigation if it doesn’t exist. His allegations only fueled the chaos in our country, and we can feel the consequences. As indicated by Grassley, Comey only did a big favor to Russia.

Now Gowdy is determined to stop the investigation into the Russian interference. He is now ready to return the Oversight panel to the initial “compulsory” jurisdiction. Gowdy mentioned the jurisdiction of Bob Mueller. “No. 1: It’s in the jurisdiction of Bob Mueller. And secondarily, I would think Judiciary has jurisdiction over the Department of Justice and the FBI. To the extent that any of those memos are classified, that would be [Intelligence]. And for those that think a third committee ought to look at it, Oversight would have secondary permissive jurisdiction but it would be secondary. Allegations of criminal or quasi-criminal activity is squarely within Mueller’s jurisdiction. So the process by which security clearances are granted, if that needs to be tightened, amended, changed, I’m all for it. The revocation of previously existing security clearances…we don’t investigate crime,” he said.

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