BREAKING NEWS: Putin Says Every Islamist Will Die Within A Half Hour If They Bomb Russia Or US

Vladimar Putin is supposedly mounting a gigantic military mission to take control of the Islamic State’s fortresses in Raqqa. This is the self declared capital of Islamic state aggressors. Putin is set to assemble 1,500,000 reservists for a noteworthy military operation against ISIS.

After the paris assault Putin told UK and France that he is prepared to hold hands with them so as to thrashing the ISIS at the most punctual. In any case, the faltering of European pioneers and current American administration includes sympathy toward all the world pioneers who look after this cause.

“I swear if they bomb Russia, in half an hour every Islamist will die,” Putin said during a press conference at The Kremlin.

Prior Putin transparently adulated Trump and his anti-radical Islam stand and said Trump is a savvy fellow. Trump is likewise keeping an open-mind with the Russian president and is prepared for a decent working association with Putin in the event that he is elected president.

Trump and Putin will be a dangerous combo against Global Islamic terrorism and India can likewise hold hands with them. Since ISIS is focusing on India plainly for the sake of religion. Putin’s intense stand against Islamic state is truly a asset to the world as the world is managing the greatest danger of 21st Century.

Despite the left ridiculing Trump for keeping channels open with a foreign dictator, the Russians would be great co-combatants against the Islamic State group.