BREAKING NEWS: Pat Boone Issued Major Warning To President Trump!

In liberal land, Hollywood elites rarely find themselves with the courage to stand up for President Trump. He is treated with hate and insulted regularly just to make people laugh. That is why it comes with such amazement when someone in Hollywood actually has the wits to stand up for him.

But that is exactly what the legendary Pat Boone did recently. There have been many times when we see liberals attack and even threaten Trump. Take Kathy Griffin as an example. They feel that they can say and do whatever they want against him with no consequences. That needs to change very soon.

But Boone has had enough. He talked about the way Trump is treated and how it needs to stop if we want to move on as a country.

“The fact that he is the President of The United States does not earn him any respect at all. In fact it just makes him an easy target,” Boone explains.

“I do think there are powerful forces and people in powerful positions who hold very contrary views,” he said. “They will — from ‘SNL’ and TV…— lampoon, and viciously for laughs. And late night talk show hosts they ridicule, and in effect do more than ridicule…” he goes on.

It is obvious that Boone has seen the way that Trump is treated in Hollywood and wants it to stop. It is not just that these people disagree with him, it goes much further than that. They genuinely hate him for being president and that is a scary notion to live with.

“Trump is a fairly recent professed Christian. It was only in the last year or two that he has had input from Christian leaders and ministers, and I think he has come to fully understand what being a Christian is,” he added. “There is more of an overt evidence of faith in Trump than there ever was in Obama.”

If a Hollywood elite can come out in support of Trump, maybe the others should follow suit. There is no excuse for the way Trump has been treated and it needs to stop.