Breaking: Denmark Takes Huge Stand Against Migrant Refugees

Bloomberg is reporting on a very important story out of the small nation of Denmark. Like much of Europe, the country has been overrun by refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East, with a particular uptick in the past several years.

Now they’ve had enough.

Denmark just announced no more refugees will be permitted to enter the country under the UN’s resettlement program.

Currently, Denmark and Sweden have the highest rates of sexual assault in the EU. They likewise have an even higher number of refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East than almost any European or Western countries in the world. Incredibly, 80 to 100 percent of Swedish women said they had been sexually harassed at some point in their life.

It also demanded more options in the future instead of being told it has to take in a set amount of refugees and migrants. The small country has a population of only 5.7 million but had formerly promised to accept 500 refugees per year under the special UN program. The program is separate from EU requirements that force member states to take in refugees but have been resisted by countries like Hungary and Poland.

Denmark’s Minister of Immigration Inger Stojberg said that the halt to the UN program is about doing what’s best for his country instead of just giving in to UN demands.

“It’s hard to predict how many refugees and migrants will show up at the border to seek asylum, and we know it may be hard to integrate those who arrive here,” Stojberg said,” adding “I would like to see a more flexible quota regime, so that we are prepared, but not obliged, to take a certain number of refugees for resettlement every year.”

Refugees and migrants have been the cause of serious violence and chaos in various European countries, however many other migrants are living peacefully and not creating disorder. Culture clashes and different norms about sexual behavior and women’s rights have created a real crisis.

What do you think of this decision?