Bill O`Reilly Is BACK ON TV! Will You Support His New Show?

It’s a fact that tons of Fox News viewers and fans were enraged when the network made an awful decision to let go of the longtime legendary anchor Bill O’Reilly, after several allegations and blaming of sexual harassment were fired against him. Nevertheless, he said that he will keep on with what he is best at, delivering people actual news on his new podcast “No Spin News.”

As soon as this information appeared on the internet, entire nation started asking when and would he ever come back to television, or were those his last appearances. Fortunately, O’Reilly came forward with his new plan to get back on television after all the allegations.

Ever since he left his previous job, O’Reilly has really concentrated on his podcast on where he announced that he is going to do even longer shows. He will keep up with the work until his show becomes a complete news show.

His latest episode was titled, “O’Reilly Lays out Plans for the Future in Last Free Podcasts.” He said that his website will deliver some new features such as video news show and “maybe go into some other networks as well.” He continued, “So, I hope you consider it and sign up because we will be here Monday through Thursday with our audio broadcast, and we are working on making it a video display.”

He added, “We really appreciate you guys hanging with us the first week on the ‘No Spin News,’ it’s very nice of you to do that. We think we provide a unique perspective on the news, by the way, and as I said in the beginning of this broadcast, we’re going to expand it. So, we’re going to expand it. A lot of people interested, I’m taking my time. There’s a lot of things that I have to clear up, as I mentioned on Monday when I first came on the air. There’s a lot of things in play, and you’ll know what the deal is.”

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