Ben Carson Was Just Verbally Attacked By An Atheist! Watch Until The End!

Politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have been ready for questions about what are their thoughts on the First Amendment. Those questions have virtually all come from one person: 34-year-old Justin Scott of Waterloo, Iowa, a self-labeled “atheist voter.”

Have in mind that Florida senator Marco Rubio, a GOP candidate, was not too long ago “confronted” and asked by Scott at a time of an event in Waverly, Iowa, as reported by the Associated Press.

“No one’s going to force you to believe in God. But no one’s going to force me to stop talking about God,” Rubio stated.“Not only am I a Christian, not only am I influenced by my faith, but it is the single greatest influence in my life. And from that I’ll never hide.”

Also the contender alongside Rubio, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, as well was presented with a difficult question a couple of days ago from Scott while he was campaigning in Iowa, with the atheist activist questioning whether Carson thinks that “God’s law trumps our country’s law.”

More so, Scott questioned if the candidate would ever pick his faith over U.S. law. Carson answered by saying that “everybody, including atheists, live according to their faith,” as reported by the Christian Post.

“I have strong faith in God and live by godly principles of loving your fellow man, caring about your neighbor, developing your God-given talents,” stated. “And that’s going to dictate how I treat everybody. Fortunately our Constitution, which is the supreme law of our land, was designed by men of faith and it has a Judeo-Christian foundation. Therefore, there is no conflict there.”

Take a look at the full response below: It seems like the Republicans weren’t the only once to deal with the atheist. Hillary Clinton, as well has met him during the campaign trail. Within a brief video of their discussion, Scott says “laws that are based on religious beliefs that end up discriminating against people” and asks Clinton, “How do we stop that?”

Take a look at how Clinton answered:

“Well, look, I think we’ve gotta stick with our founding principles of separation between church and state. And remember — It was done in the beginning mostly to protect religion from the state.…We need to stick with what has worked.”

Look the discussion here:

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