Ben Carson Exposes $500 Billion In Government Waste…And Look Who’s Behind It

Dr. Ben Carson has been doing everything he can to get rid of waste as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. And that is not an easy job considering all of the waste that the Obama administration was a part of.

We know that Democrats are an extremely wasteful party. They spend and spend and spend on things that Americans do not need. It puts a huge burden on taxpayers and they get nothing in return. But luckily we finally have a president in Donald Trump that will work for Americans instead of against them.

There have been many critics of Trump’s appointment of Ben Carson. They say that he is only a surgeon that has no idea what he is doing in the government. But those are simple lies told by liberals to hurt the administration.

Ben Carson has been doing a fantastic job working for the American people and it is beginning to show in a big way. It is strange that a guy like Ben Carson, who apparently has no idea what he is doing, just found a huge bookkeeping error that everyone else in the Obama administration missed.

He just found $520 billion worth of bookkeeping errors. If this would have been found sooner, we would have saved billions. This just shows the utter inability of the Obama administration to fix something that is broken.

There is no excuse for what the Obama administration did to this department. Billions upon billions in taxpayer funded dollars gone to waste year after year. President Trump has promised a big change and we should be seeing this under Ben Carson.

It is sad that the same guy being mocked by liberals around the country for not being qualified is the same one that finds this liberal fraud. It is ridiculous that the Obama administration did not catch this before and it puts USA in even more debt. Not that the Obama administration cared about that.

Ben Carson is an official that USA can be proud of. He is carrying out the Trump policies like never before.

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