Ben Carson Discovers Easy Way To Heal America’s Political Divisions

Ben Carson discovers a way to fix the political divide. On Wednesday, Ben Carson discussed the division and the efforts by President Trump to unify the nation. Ben Carson discovers the way to fix the division by giving a powerful statement about we all being in this together, Faith Family America reports.

During an interview with ABC News, he talked about Trump being bipartisan and partnering with the Democrats for a debt limit bill. He said that he was shocked to hear the extremely negative response. Carson made it clear that the American public is allowing themselves to be manipulated into fighting each other.

Carson said, “I think a lot of the Americans that get caught up in this are decent people but they’ve allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing that they’re enemies and that they should hate each other, and that they should try to destroy each other, and this is exactly the wrong thing.”

Ben Carson is very happy that Trump showed his willingness to work with both sides.

He said, “Because the fact of the matter is: we’re all in the same boat and if part of the boat sinks, the rest of us are going down, too. We need to start thinking more about the things that benefit all of us and get away from this partisanship.”

Carson proceeded to make sure that everyone was aware of the unified response to Hurricane Harvey. No one was worried about Democrat or Republican when people helped; all that mattered was the safety and well being of Americans.

He continued, discussing Trump’s decision to include Democrats in the conversation.

He said, “If we go back and we just ask ourselves: What are we trying to accomplish? And then create something around that, that is centered primarily around patients and health care providers, I think we would do ourselves a great favor. I don’t think that’s a partisan issue.”

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