What Barron Said to Melania After Seeing Griffin’s Photo Will Break Your Heart Into A Million Pieces

President Trump has an 11-year-old son named Barron who doesn’t understand any of this political garbage. He was simply terrified and upset that his father and hero was getting death threats or having people openly joking about doing him harm. Trust me when joking about doing harm to the President is normal all American lose.

According to TMZ, Barron was watching TV when alone he saw the bloody, beheaded image of his father and he panicked and screamed, “Mommy, Mommy” because he thought something terrible had happened to his father.

He was traumatized by the incident and the left needs to remember that Trump has a family – he is not some punching for them to take out angst on.

Even the left came out and ripped her to shreds.

Abandoned by the left Kathy started to worry about her career. Then she got the horrific news – she got fired from damn near every job she had.

First came her very lucrative stand-up career – which came to a grinding halt overnight.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the only corporate product that wants her dumb ass for a sponsor just dropped her.

The backlash has been fast and furious and Kathy will most likely never appear on television again. CNN is under severe pressure to fire Griffin.

Kathy hosts their New Year’s Eve show every year with Anderson Cooper. A petition to get CNN to fire her already has over 11,000 signatures.

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SUCKERPUNCH: Trump Just Did The One Thing Every Nation On Earth DIDN’T Want Him To Do

President Trump has decided to withdraw the United States from the international climate accord of the Paris Agreement. European allies have been begging Trump to not ditch the pact last week but the White House responded that they were deciding to get rid of it. This means that:


Take a look at what he said about this on Dec. 6th.

1. Here’s why this matters: This is the biggest thing that he could do to screw up Obama’s legacy. It shows the rest of the world that nothing that Obama did mattered.

2. Here’s why it happened: According to Axios, a letter was sent by 22 Republican Senators – w/ Mitch McConnel – that asked for a clean exit with the Paris Accords. Trump has been working with confidants saying his instinct was to pull out.

3. Here is what Trump said about it today.

“I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

It’s exactly what he promised he would do. It’s not shocking.

Here is what Fox News is saying about this.

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CNN Has Just Fired Kathy Griffin!!

It didn’t take even a day for the scandal to settle down, the liberal network CNN made a strict decision. It is officially ending the 10-year-old relationship with Kathy Griffin due to her controversial photo session where she holds a bloody head of President Donald Trump.

Griffin participated in CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage since 2007, when she first appeared as a co-host the celebration with Anderson Cooper.

Griffin originally defended the photo session with celebrity photographer and director Tyler Shields calling it a work of art when the photos were first published on Tuesday.

Shortly after, as the criticism went farer, though she said she was sorry and said she had told the photographer to take down the photo.

“I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong,” she stated.

CNN stated in an earlier statement moments after Griffin published the clip that the network was “pleased” Griffin said was sorry for the “disgusting and offensive” photo.
However, they said they were “evaluating” if Griffin will be called upon to help host the channel’s New Year’s Eve special one more time.

The photo was roundly condemned by people including President Trump and Griffin’s New Year’s Eve co-host, Anderson Cooper.

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